As you can imagine, we’ve had to adapt, change and learn new skills and develop as people due to Toby’s condition.

Occasionally we’ll document this and hope that others may learn from our mistakes, challenges and personal growth.

What’s your fuel?

Kim's written another article for their team's blog, it's brilliant: With Christmas nearly upon us, it seems a good time of year to think about kindness and its importance in making a difference to other people’s lives as well as making ourselves feel good. Due...

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Moving on quickly

Another blog that Kim wrote for her team at work, again proving that all life experiences are just as valid at work as at home. The biggest challenge I face each day is finding the energy to keep all the plates spinning. Having a severely ill child is...

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The Power of Acceptance

In a recent coaching session Kim was introduced to a simple but powerful tool called CIA – Control, Influence and Accept, a technique for dealing with life’s frustrations and the events that cause them, this is a blog post she wrote to demonstrate the power of...

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Communication without talking

Only 7% of communication is verbal and yet we all rely on the spoken word to communicate our needs, wants and desires on constant basis. So imagine a world where there isn't verbal communication, or not clear words and how would that affect your day? Toby only has two...

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Discovering the True Value Of Team Work

This is a piece Kim wrote for her wider team at work to highlight the importance of team work and working towards a common goal. Discovering the True Value Of Team Work I've been thinking a lot about teamwork lately and the importance it plays in my life, both...

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