Team TobyOver the last 6 days John, Gary & Paul have made the epic trip down the Severn, over mountains on bikes and battling headwinds on the river in canoes, they’ve done a fantastic job and raised a staggering amount of money.

But they couldn’t have done it without Jeni….Gary’s wife and support crew extrodinaire, as John said:

“A special huge massive thank you for Jeni Timlin for cooking, washing, driving and generally looking after the Big Canoe team over the past week. We would not have been able to do this without you!!!”


Glasses canoesThe funds that Team Toby have raised will be used to aid Toby’s development and provide the additional support he requires in the future that the NHS can’t fund. Things like a cranial osteopath to help him get over prolonged seizures (over an hour sometimes), respite care and additional supporting therapies.
A very big thank you to those that have donated so far:

  • BC_07082015Joel Taylor
  • James Clark
  • Stewart Johnson
  • Mrs D Wills
  • Rebecca Woodcock
  • Karen Johnson
  • Micheal Richards
  • AC
  • nPower Quiz night
  • Gareth Stewart
  • Carolyn Burns
  • D C Coddington
  • Hasan Eskin
  • Jon and Sarah Gibbard
  • Jill Pearman
  • Princess Kay
  • sandra lewindon
  • Jo & Rich Hickson
  • Mr & Mrs Sims
  • Adrian & Mary Carey
  • Rebecca Rider
  • Andrew Taylor
  • Jacqui Lees
  • Mr & Mrs Dyer
  • Lisa Waldron
  • Anne Caudwell
  • Richard Kay
  • Adrienne Smith
  • John Seed
  • Valeriya Makarov
  • Ian Petherick
  • G Leroy
  • Kate Jones
  • C E E
  • Andy & Sylvia Hazelwood
  • Liuhengchao
  • BNE
  • C Hall
  • ALEXANDER Atkins
  • Chris Nixon
  • Ann Braithwaite
  • VJ Grimsdale
  • John Gilmore
  • Katarzyna Nieciecka
  • Jennifer Timlin
  • lee plaskitt
  • Laura zielinski
  • Ian Furlong & Amy
  • UKAR (Ian Furlong)
  • Susan Rhodes
  • LJ Williams
  • John Burgess
  • F Akhtar
  • K Noble
  • Kirsty Hayward
  • Kind bloke from Ship Inn during the river stage
  • Deidre Bethune
  • Marie Griffiths
  • David Nolan
  • Gary Timlin
  • Matt Arnul
  • Sam McCallum
  • Alison FitzGerald
  • Maria Healy
  • Matthew Allen
  • Stuart Edwards
  • M & C Bolton
  • Charlie Hudson
  • Rachel Turner
  • Martin Kay
  • London City Airport
  • Granny Dyer

If you would like to sponsor these amazing gents on their epic journey please click here for details on how to donate.

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