Many thanks to Andy ‘Sharky Cotters’ Cottrell who is ran his 50th marathon(!!!) on Saturday (May 21st) and has asked  friends and family to sponsor him to celebrate the milestone.

We’re humbled by your generosity and impressed by your dedication! Congratulations Andy!

Big thanks to those that have sponsored Sharky so far to raise over £250:

  • Anthony Bowe
  • Gavin Harris
  • Mark Nicholls
  • Richard Wild
  • Ian Hughes
  • Jocelyn Granger
  • Sarah Davis
  • Steve Prior
  • Susan York
  • Karen Eke
  • SJ Summers
  • Charlotte Yarker
  • JM Eddy
  • Peter Watson
  • Caroline Parr
  • John Eales
  • Matthew Bushell
  • Karen Shakespeare
  • Susan Byard
  • Antony Milton White